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Similan, Burma, Philippines

Join us to dive the world class diving safaris in the Andaman sea or dive trip to Philippines!

Experience the best of Diving

KTD Travels in Asia

Join us on the stunning live-aboards in Myanmar and Similan archipelagos! Unparalleled marine life, up to five dives a day, all-inclusive service aboard comfortable ships. And don't forget the nitrox!

Philippines, Alcoy, Cebu

Join us for the dive trip of the year at Alcoy, Cebu in the Philippines! On this trip you’ll see the pristine home reef with its turtles, nudibranchs and schools of fish, in addition to the great pelagics such as mantas and whale sharks.

Accommodation is provided by Dive Point Alcoy, with options ranging from studios to bungalows, either private or shared with other divers. Be fast and reserve your spot today - space is limited!

Dive guide from KTD is Antti Karinen, and our co-operator on this trip is Sukellus Asiaan.

Diving + Accommondation package starts from 905€

Similans / Richelieu Rock

The Similan Archipelago and Richeliu Rock have become the staple of world-class diving in Thailand. Get on board the Similan Explorer and check out the fabulous, crystal clear waters of the islands!

From the very small and rare macro critters to the very biggest of oceanic life, it's all there on the Similans. There are usually four dives per day, and an experienced guide with each group. Comfortable cabins with AC and an on-board cook for fresh food, we feel that this is one of the best value-for-money live-aboards anywhere!

Give us a shout for itineraries and schedules! The Similan safari lasts 3 days / 3 nights.

Starting from 16.100 THB

Myanmar, Mergui Archipelago

The Dolphin Queen will take you on to the pristine Mergui Archipelago to see some of the most untouched dive sites in the world. The fish action is immense, but the coolest things are the small macro critters - crabs, lobsters, nudibranchs, ghost pipefish and all their likes! If you're lucky, the huge pelagics, mantas and whalesharks, might pop by too!

All cabins have AC and sea views. The Myanmar liveaboard lasts 5 days/ 6 nights. Contact us for schedules and itineraries!

Starting from 35.800 THB

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