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Koh Tao

Welcome to the Rock!

Dive from sunrise to nightfall, relax on the beach, have a bite, next day do it again.

The Gem in the of Gulf of Thailand

Any time of the year, you can find us here. The diving is good all year, but October and November usually mean a little more rain than usual. On the Rock you will also find rock climbing, jungle hiking, yoga, and other sports. For the foodies, the huge selection of restaurants cater to all tastes.

How to get here

Whether you prefer a bus, plane or train - there is an option for you.


Whether you like a budget bungalow on the beach or a fancy luxury private villa, Koh Tao has got it all!

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Office hours 9.30-19.30

Tel. +66 77 457 085
Mob. +66 86 06 99244
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